As a digitally inspired person, I’ve worked with hundreds of business owners in UK and internationally. I have come to realise digital media is the best way to build super brands on the web.

I’ve built ClickDo Ltd. during the last two years to become the best digital marketing and SEO services agency in the United Kingdom. We are now 13 members at the agency and growing.

ClickDo Media was an idea of me and Kasun Sameera who is the creative head and digital media director at ClickDo Media. He has years of experience in helping brands get attention online. He is also the most senior member of ClickDo Ltd. UK and helped me build the digital agency to thrive.

I grew up seeing the beautiful nature in Sri Lanka and I was always fascinated with how colours and composition can add more value to external objects. Since studying graphic design and photography I wanted to show the beauty of anything that’s around me.

Being a family member of ClickDo Ltd. made me excel at my craft while working with top brands in the UK. I’ve designed, photographed and built web platforms that get hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.ClickDo Media is a company, me and Fernando initiated in the UK with the goal to expand internationally.

My goal is to build the most amazing digital media company in the UK and server 1million people by 2020.